Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Fair

Last night we were all able to go to the Manatee County Fair. Yes, the fair (my family in TN forgets every year that it comes to Florida after it has been up north because it is usually still warm here now). Growing up in a small town, I remember always looking forward to the fair coming to town. It was usually in the fall, and it seemed like the whole town shut down for that week. I remember making things to be judged in school, everyone getting together on which nights they were going, and what rides everyone would not miss. Tyler, Benjamin and I were able to go last year. We had lots of fun so we decided to go back this year. Plus (a great incentive) our builder offered free tickets to families in our neighborhood. Micheal, Theresa, Brendan (3yo), and Tyler (18 months) went with us too (Benjamin and Brendan go to preschool together)! We almost didn't get to go. The forecast called for 60% chance of rain, but we could not be deterred. Theresa and I decided if it wasn't raining at 6pm then we would brave it and go. At 6 pm, it was not raining. We went to the fair (we had to park a mile away). Thankfully, Theresa brought her two double strollers. Brendan and Benjamin were in one, and Tyler and Warren were in the next. This might have been the best ride all night! First, we went to the chicken and rabbit shelter. The kids loved hearing all the roosters crowing! Then we went in search of more animals (with a light sprinkle). We found goats! They were so cute- small and mostly white. They had all different ages of goats but had removed their horns. They even had some that were too small to be apart from their mommies. The kids did not like the goats trying to eat their shoes from the stroller! Next we decided to walk around. We heard a cheerleading competition in the background. We were looking for the humongous pig we saw last year but instead we ended up walking the midway, looking at all the rides. It is amazing how scary the rides become once you have children. I don't think I would ever let my kids on those (but I know they will go eventually). Then it started to rain a little bit harder. Just in time, we found an AWESOME petting zoo. First thing that caught my eye was the huge giraffe. When we got in the tent we saw there were 2! First we fed the giraffes carrots. It was so much fun! The boys didn't know what to think. They also had a camel, zebra, kangaroo, monkeys, llama, and goats. We also fed the llama (who took the whole cup out of (Mr.) Tyler's hand) and the goats. Benjamin would not feed any of them; he was too scared. About this time, Warren decided he needed some food too. It was a good thing we were under cover because the bottom feel out of the sky! I fed Warren and we looked at the animals some more and then we made a run for it. Luckily, Tyler brought plenty of umbrellas so we were all under cover. We were sidetracked by the smell of elephant ears- a long-standing fair tradition (at least in my family). We bought our wares and found a place to sit in the arts and craft tent. The boys got popcorn, elephant ear, and cotton candy everywhere- but they had a great time! Next we went through a hall with local businesses display their services. By that time the rain had stopped. and we decided the kids had had enough. We went to our cars and eventually home. Fortunately, Benjamin did not have a hard time going to sleep. I think we sufficently wore him out with all the excitement. And now for the ground- breaking news---- Warren slept through the night!!!! This is so exciting because for the last 6 1/2 months he hasn't slept through the night before! He didn't even wake up for his pacifier! I think all the crawling is finally wearing him out! Hoorah!!! I just hope he keeps it up!
I will post pictures later. Tyler's camera battery was dead, and Theresa took the pics. I haven't gotten copies of them yet.