Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The boys and I went over to Orlando yesterday. I dropped the boys off at my sister and her husband's house for the evening and went to see Jenn and Rodney (my college roommate and her husband). They work for Campus Outreach in Orlando. Thank you Allison and Chris for taking such good care of the boys. You HAVE to read what she said about the evening in her blog. It is HILARIOUS (especially for all of us that have kids). So true! I had a wonderful visit with Jenn and Rodney. I hope I helped you guys. It was great to see all of you--- and the newest member to the Barton clan!
Last night, Warren did not sleep very well. I think he is cutting more teeth (please, no more sickness). He was up for the fourth time for good at 7 am. He was all over my Allison and Chris' house. He loved looking at their fish. They had a stool there (probably placed by my eldest last night) so I put Warren up there. He had a blast!
We came back home this morning. Back to laundry and picking up. We leave tomorrow for TN. Not looking forward to the cold but it will be good to see family! Off to unpack and repack!!!
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allison & chris said...

that is such a great picture. i haven't posted mine b/c i spent 4 hours getting my hair done tonight. also why i didn't answer your call or call you back. call me tomorrow?