Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Two Days and Counting

Well, the boys and I have made it two full days of Tyler going to the academy. He started yesterday with the St Pete Police Academy. His normal hours are twelve noon to nine pm. Now he is going to start working out after he gets out so it will be later in the future. Yesterday he got ordered to go to court for a case in the am. It turned out he didn't have to be there, but he left the house at 8 am! It was a long day! Today was a little bit more normal. We got out and went to the grocery store (which is always a feat with two little ones). This evening we went and walked around the neighborhood with my friend, Doris. She lives right around the corner. She has two small ones too. Always something to talk about! We are trying to get out every night. Warren is getting/got a cold. Nice runny nose to wipe constantly. Benjamin has two ear infections, again. More antibiotics. Tomorrow we are going over to Jeff and Natalie's (brother and sister in law) for dinner. Theresa called last night and confessed that she made a mistake. She told me there was no school for Benjamin last Friday. She called to tell me that in fact there was no school this Friday. Oh well, we will find something to do!
Congratulations to Jenn and Rodney (my college roommate and dear friend) on Joshua Jeffcoat Barton! He was born on Sunday. I hope to see you all soon!

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BigNate said...

Hi Ash...yes I figured it was you. You're the only person I know in the big FL. Sounds like you guys are having crazy days in your house too...try to stay sane! :)


Ps. I love your counter for the birthdays. That is really cool...