Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Early Mother's Day to me!!!

I got a treat in the mail today from my two boys (and Tyler too). Yum!!! The only problem is that I CAN'T eat all 12 strawberries in 48 hours; so some of my lucky friends were the beneficiaries of some nice strawberries today.
The boys have been really crazy (I am starting to wonder when they aren't!). The other day we were going somewhere and had the laundry room door open to the garage. Warren hears that door open and takes off. Well, he was in the garage with me- I was looking in the car. I went to the driver's side and Warren was on the passenger side. I came around the car and heard him because of the hand steps with him crawling, but I didn't see him. I immediately looked under the car and there he was!!! Luckily I hadn't gone anywhere that morning and the car was cool. I tried to coax him out but he wouldn't come. He actually tried to sit up under there!!! Tyler came out of the house and helped me lure him out from under the car. Benjamin would have NEVER thought of doing this! Today he figured out that he can stand on the bottom bar of my oven while holding on to the top bar. I tried to get a picture, but I wouldn't let him be up there that long!
Benjamin has been acting up this week so it has been a day with toys and then a day without toys it seems. Today I tried to get pictures taken for Mother's Day. I know I am really late and it is a long story that involves a surprise for Mother's Day- so not now. Anyway, Tyler and I had talked with him all morning about going to get pictures taken. We had promised anything in the world to this kid, just to get a good picture. We were there on time and had to wait 30 minutes in the lobby. I was about really to leave when they took us. Then Benjamin had had enough and wouldn't have any pictures taken. We had to leave without ONE picture taken!!! I was so frustrated. Then we went to see cousins on Tyler's side. It was great to meet their two babies for the first time! Jenny and Ryan I hope we get to see you all again- soon. Your babies are precious!!! I hope you all had a good trip home!
The smoke has really been bad this week too. We woke up on Monday with it smelling like smoke- like a fire in the house! It was hard to go outside. Luckily the wind shifted and it no longer smells that bad, but everyone's allergies are acting up. All of our firefighters are leaving and going to put out the fires in northern Florida. We hope they are successful!
On Tuesday, I took Benjamin, Warren and Joy (neighbor's daughter) to Sonic for ice cream. What was I thinking!!!??? Tyler works until 9pm and doesn't get home until after 9:30, so no help in that department. We all had a good time, but it was quite an adventure taking three kids for ice cream- by myself.
Yesterday we went for a swim with Theresa, Brendan, and Tyler. We had a great time swimming but the wind was a little chilly. We had the pleasure of getting to eat at their house for dinner too! I cooked the chicken and she cooked the sides. Thanks guys for having us over!
Tyler's grandfather in Jacksonville is not doing well. He has had many medical problems over the last couple of years and is in the hospital again. We are on standby to go to Jacksonville this weekend. Time will tell...

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Happy Mother's Day to You, Ashley!
Love, mom