Monday, May 28, 2007

Silver Springs

This weekend Tyler, Warren and I along with our friends, Kyle and Jovana went to Ocala, FL. Then Sunday we all went to Silver Springs, a nature theme park. It is home to the largest artesian spring formation in the world. We got to see many different animals, including flamingos, gators, monkeys, and bears. The rhesus monkeys were turned loose quite some time ago. The man who did so thought they were another kind and couldn't swim. The next day he learned that they could in fact swim and they have been there ever since. It is very rare to actually see the monkeys and our guide said we might not ever see them here again! I think my favorite thing was the glass bottom boats. It was so neat to see the floor of the springs and all the fish and turtles down there. The water is so clear and 99.8% pure! We had a great time!

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