Thursday, June 14, 2007

Around Here

This is the face for whistling.
I love my brother!
Everything has been pretty uneventful around here the last couple of days. I have found a great babysitter for the boys and I have been trying to get out a little bit more. Tyler is doing great. We go today for the doppler and for therapy. The swelling is already looking wonderful. It has really gone down in the last couple of days. He is getting more mobile also. Still in some pain, but that is to be expected. The boys are all keeping me hopping. Warren wants to be on the go constantly! The other night we went for a walk, and it wasn't long enough. He started crying when we came back in the house! He has found the slide and loves it! He has also started whistling too (I can't so I guess he gets that from Tyler)! Today we are going swimming. They should have fun with that!


allison & chris said...

I know you can't whistle...but perhaps he gets it from Poppie...who happens to be incapable of doing anything with out whistling!
Just a thought! :)
Love you guys. Glad to hear Tyler's doing well!

suzanne said...

awww..look at those sweet cheeks! your boys are adorable!