Saturday, June 16, 2007

I don't feel well

Warren is sick again (3rd time in three weeks). He started running a fever on Monday and it has progressed from there. He hasn't eaten well all week, plus he has been VERY fussy. Yesterday he started with a horrible cough. Last night, I am not really sure if I slept or not. Mostly not. He was up screaming soooo much. This morning we went to the doctor. Just another bug and more antibiotics. Very frustrating, because we got there and he didn't cough or act bad. She said physically he is great. Thankfully she listened to me and treated him based on that! I have come down with a cold too. So not fun when I am the one taking care of everyone. The pictures above were great of Warren. He rarely stays still long enough to snuggle, but I caught him!

Russ and Mary (Tyler's parents) came down tonight to help out! And help out they did!!! They helped fold clothes, wash dishes, and most importantly, played with the boys! Thank you both soooo much!!!
*Does anyone know picasa well enough to know how I can get the "sony dsc" off the collage? It has never been there before, and I don't know how to change it. Thanks!*

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BigNate said...

Ash, new banner is great! Are you using Picasa to generate these collages? They're great too! Hope all is well in your family.
Greetings from Missouri...