Sunday, June 24, 2007

Not a girl

I have always gotten many comments that Warren is a girl (they also think we say, Lauren). I am really not offended, because in a way it is that they are saying he is pretty. Not a problem, but in the last two days we have gotten numerous comments about him being a girl. Warren is SO not a girl. He is rough and tough and ready to go. I made this page as a rebuttal. Just thought you needed to know.


allison & chris said...

lol...LOVED the story...sorry I was too busy to really talk! Miss you guys!

But hey, with those lips, those breathtaking eyes and those precious curls...we can't blame them...he would have made for a beautiful girl. :)

You're right though...he is 110% boy! Even if the re-re's even think otherwise :)

Amber Goff said...

Ok, so I'm totally glad you took my advice for this entry!! I just can't stop laughing! Oh, the day that little "Lauren" grows up and sees this picture. You know he'll get you back for this when he gets older. :-)

I must say you & Tyler would make a very pretty All-American girl...Just look at those squeezable cheeks and pretty blue eyes!

Stacie Bates said...

That is too funny. I used to here that about Noah too. It drove me crazy. I mean, don't you think he'd be wearing pink with flowers and hearts? And what about the hair accessories? It's pretty obvious.

I hope y'all are doing o.k. Let me know if you need anything.

Stacie B