Monday, June 4, 2007

Quick Update...

We had to call and get Tyler's surgery info this am. We found out that we are going in at 5:30 in the morning for surgery at 7:30am. I think it should be about an hour and a half surgery. As soon as he is able we will be coming home (not looking forward to this; they really can keep him as long as they need too! I don't mind!). Then we will have to go back Wednesday to have a post-op appointment and start physical therapy.

My grandparents had been in town for the week. They flew back to TN this morning, so we sent Warren to TN for the next couple of days. My mom will be coming back with him on Wednesday night (these trips were planned before we knew any of Tyler's goings on). I have a dear friend Doris that will be keeping Benjamin tonight and tomorrow, as well as Wednesday as needed. Doris has two kids herself (Eric, 3, and Maria, 1 year). It is hard for me to let others help, but what a blessing to have friends volunteer to serve!!! I am getting a person from our youth to hopefully help out this summer with babysitting while we will have so much going on with Tyler's recovery.

I will update tomorrow as soon as I know anything. Please keep us in your prayers! Thank you sooooo much!!!

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allison & chris said...

please please please let me know if you guys need anything! I'm working mornings all this week...except for Friday...but you know I can really come down anytime...I'll cook, clean, babysit...or really whatever you need! Please just say the word if you need ANY amount of help!!!