Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Alaska, too!

Today we were at the Hubbard Glacier. It was quite interesting to wake up to floating in the sea with ice around us! Visions of Titanic were in my head. Around 10am we were able to get a good view of the glacier. It was quite large (6 miles, 3+ that we could see). It was in between two mountains and it flowed into the sea (unlike the one we saw yesterday that went what looked like into the land). It was FREEZING and the best vantage point was outside (go figure). Benjamin went back into the Fun Factory. He had a blast being in there all day. We got him out for lunch and had a birthday party for Bradyn (Tyler’s cousin’s child). Benjamin went back at 2pm and when he came back (around 4:30) he had his face painted like a pirate! I tried to get a picture to show Ci-Ci how much of a scary pirate he was. I was promptly corrected that he wasn’t scary- he was a good pirate. It was formal night on the ship tonight. After we all got dressed up, we took our formal family portrait. A longstanding tradition for the Tibbetts. It wasn’t too painful. Some sweet people in the photo line made faces at Benjamin for him to smile. Luckily, it did work! For dinner Benjamin went back into the Fun Factory- chicken nuggets and French fries! He was in hog heaven. When I went to pick him up they said he ate quite a bit for dinner:). For our dinner, we had lobster! It was the best meal yet! Plus not having a child to contend with was wonderful. Benjamin was putting on a show for us tonight with the mirrors in our room- hopefully you can see with the pictures I will upload. The mountains are of us sailing tonight. They looked like they came out of nowhere. Beautiful! Tomorrow we will be in Ketchikan, our last stop on this cruise.

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