Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fall Creek Falls and The 4th of July

My family has always spent the fourth of July at Fall Creek Falls State Park (for as long as I have been alive). They did miss last year due to the fact that we had a new arrival for our family. This year was no exception to the rule! Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jerry even brought along their family (including grandkids). Lots of people came to visit and we had such a good time (sidewalk chalk, bubbles, roasting marshmallows, snake show, water gun fights, you name it)even Kelly (classmate from Carson-Newman Nursing School came with her family from Knoxville). Here are some pictures from the great week we had with everyone...Mamaw and WarrenPoppa and WarrenCi-Ci and BenAll the kids and I on the swinging bridge. Mom bought really cute hats for all of them.Grandad and WarrenTate (trying to stay dry from the water gun fight!)On Sunday, Mom had a cupcake party for Warren. We made his without icing and he gobbled it up!!! All the kids enjoyed!!!The League Family

There was a parade on the 4th. The kids decided that they wanted to be in it, so the adults complied. Aunt Lynn had bought all the kids matching Veggie Tales shirts (thank you soooo much! They were so cute!) Bailey and Gracen rode their scooters, Ben was in the stroller, and Jeremy pulled Tate and Warren behind the bike. Aunt Lynn and Kristy rode their bikes also. It was tons of fun, but really hot!


allison said...

Wow, I know you guys all had so much fun. I'm actually already looking forward to next year after seeing your pictures! I know I'll be there for it next time around!!!!

Elizabeth said...

It was so great to see you all this week. Fall Creek is so much fun!