Monday, July 30, 2007

We're Home!

Sorry it has taken me a while, but we made it home safe and sound. The last night we had a Grand Buffet on the cruise. It was presented VERY well. I was very impressed. Natalie (sister in law) and I went back after you took pictures and tried some concoctions. It was okay. Nothing spectacular. As far as our travels, we had a pretty uneventful trip home. We flew out of Vancouver (which was HORRIBLE as far as customs and security check points) and into Denver. We had less than and hour at Denver and then boarded our same plane (same seats) and flew to Tampa. My mom picked us up at the airport. My dad was supposed to fly in at 10:40pm, but his flight was delayed. It actually turned out to be okay, since we were supposed to have to fit four adults (including my dad), two kids, and 7 large suitcases in a Volvo SUV. Not going to happen! We were able to pick up my mom's car and send Tyler back to pick up my dad at a later time. With the three/four hour time change, getting in so late was not a problem for us. Warren on the other hand did not fair so well. It was 1 o'clock before he went to sleep. I am still having a hard time adjusting to the time change. Four hours is enough to really mess you up! Oh well.

Life is way back to normal. Saturday my parents went over to see my sister in Orlando. She has been going through a lot in the last couple of weeks and I was so glad they could go see her. The boys, Tyler and I stayed home and unpacked. I had TONS of laundry to do.Both boys spent the night with my parents. We went over on Sunday and had lunch with them. We then took Benjamin to see Thomas Live on Stage. He is a BIG Thomas the Tank Engine fan and he had a blast! It wasn't so bad for Mommy and Daddy either. The acting wasn't the best, but the engines were pretty neat. Today Theresa and her boys came over to play. It was great to see her (it has been over a month!) and get some play time in for the boys.

Tyler is doing well as far as his knee. The therapist is trying to get him to stop wearing the big black brace. It is definitely a security thing, but he is doing better. He is also doing weight bearing exercises for three days a week. He has another doctor's appointment on the 13th. He was running for the neighborhood's homeowners association board of representatives, but he was beat out by another man in the community. They did give him the job of heading up the neighborhood watch committee. I think it is very fitting!

Our house is coming right along. We were told in June that it would probably be ready in September. At this rate it will! We could see such a difference in two weeks! The dry wall was put up and the tile was finished around the top of the pool. Today they sprayed on the texture (orange peel and knockdown). Tomorrow they are supposed to paint the walls. Next Monday they will install the cabinets and later next week we will have trim and crown moulding. In these pictures, the top left is Ben and I in the pool, standing in the living looking at dining and kitchen, in the front hall looking towards back of house, and standing in living looking to more of kitchen and family room.

Warren has changed so much in just a week and a half. He is walking EVERYWHERE. When he falls now, he just gets back up. It is so funny to see him walking everywhere!!! He is also saying just about anything. New words include counting to four (no joke), he loves to clap and say yea, all done, go, bye, eat, drink, ice, get it, barks like dog, moos like cow, quacks like a duck, and meows like kitty, just to name a few! He is eating everything in sight, except breakfast food. He is not a big fan. Usually he just has oatmeal, yogurt, or quinoa. Warren has also started sleeping through the night (I so hope he does not regress). He is also getting into my trash can. When we came home he would walk around with toys and put them in my trash can. Now we are having to check the trash before we take it out! I think it has something to do with him walking. It has taken a whole YEAR to get this kid to sleep. It is definitely time!

I am currently on the Social Committee and Charitable Committee for our neighborhood. I have also volunteered to design the newsletter (they will write and I will make it look good) for our community. I have also recently accepted a position with my local MOPS group for Publicity. I will be putting together the newsletter, brochures, bookmarks, and updating their website. That should keep me busy for a little bit. Tomorrow we are going to try to meet up with the MOPS group at the Desoto Memorial Park and have a picnic. If it isn't raining or too hot!

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