Wednesday, August 15, 2007

House Update!

Today it was very exciting to see what all they have done in our house. They started with the stone work on the front, shudders and molding up on the outside, counter tops are set, and they were still working on the tile. It is sooo pretty!!! You sit in a design session and pick all of these things out just by seeing samples. It is so good to get them all together and actually see what they are going to look like in real life. I am very pleased!!!
Okay, to explain everything, look at the cube and imagine numbers on it. 1 is in the upper left and 16 is in the lower right (going horizontally). 1- Our master bath shower. 2- Master bath counter top. 3- Kitchen counter top, red on the wall is from where they are getting ready to do the back splash. 4- Guest/Pool Bath shower. 5- Boys shower. 6- Boys counter tops. 7- Up close of the boys shower listello. 8- Picture of what the inlay/mosaic in the entry way will look like. 9- Garage with some stone. 10- front shudders. 11- Above the front door. 12- Kitchen counter. All just repeat from there- sorry.
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