Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tyler's Home!

Tyler made it out today of the Cayman Islands and touched down in Tampa early! I, of course, was late to pick him up. I had to go get Benjamin from school and Warren was asleep. The pictures below are as follows:
  • Grandpa's house (before the storm, pretty much looks the same afterwards)
  • Tyler during Dean
  • looking towards the main dock at his mom's resort during storm
  • a dock definitely demolished afterwards
  • same- just a different dock
  • Brac Reef's dock before the storm
  • BR's dock after the storm- parts are missing
  • looking out during the storm- see how high the water is!
  • looking back towards the resort.

I know it is alot to process. Sorry, mom, you will have to go back and forth (from big to little to see what things are). It could have been sooooo much worse. Thanks for all your prayers during this stressful time!!!

Benjamin did okay at school today. He didn't want to do the craft. I also found out that he didn't participate in circle time on Monday- on top of not going potty. Wonderful- I have the most strong-willed child on the face of this planet. I am not really sure what we are in for this preschool year. Should be interesting- to say the least!

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