Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just when I thought it was getting better!

Not for the faint of heart. You were warned!

Ha! A mother's work is never done. Everything went fine last night. The boys were great. We went to a park, the boys took a bath, and they both went to bed great. Around midnight, Warren woke up getting sick all over his bed. So, I picked him up and put him into the bath. Tyler had made him a bottle, because he has still been getting up at night. We both just thought this was the case. I got him cleaned up. At this point, I just thought that all the mucous he has been having gagged him and made him sick. So I let Tyler feed him a bottle. I went back to cleaning everything up. I had to take down the crib tent (a tent that goes over his crib to keep him and all his belongings inside the crib) and change the whole bed. Just an FYI, zip on/off sheets are wonderful. Greatest invention ever. But, when you only have one base sheet (wraps around underneath mattress) it is a big pain to have to change it at 12:30 pm. So I finally found another regular crib sheet (I packed all of them up because we are using the other ones now). I got his bed set, and then he would go down in it. We put him in bed with us and he still wouldn't settle. At this point I picked him up and started to walk with him. Warren proceeded to throw up all of the contents of his stomach onto me. This included the recently fed bottle- now curdled. Warren and I both got into the shower with our clothes on because it was just that messy. Tyler tried to clean up our bed- changing sheets and cleaning the carpet. I tried to console Warren and put him back in his bed. He proceeds to throw up more on his bed. Now keep in mind, that was my last sheet. Yes, the washing machine is already running by this time. Once again we change Warren and his bed. I think I was unscathed at this time. Tyler and I proceeded to bring him back into our bed again. I think (my mind and memory are a little foggy this morning) all of us FINALLY fell asleep at this point. At some time, Warren woke up again and started throwing up. This time he got the new sheets and comforter in our room. At 4:30a I called the answering service for my pediatrician's office. By this point I think we were up to 8 times- cruel and unusual punishment for both sides! The nurse was very comforting to a freaking out mother at 5 o'clock in the morning. He said it was probably a stomach bug and just to provide comfort measures. He also said we could try 2-3 teaspoons of water every 5 minutes while Warren was awake. So I gave Warren a swallow of water. I sat on the couch with him and calmed him down while we watched a movie. Around 5:30a we went back to my bed. There he promptly threw up the water. Oh well, so much for that! I had to clean up our mattress at this point- we were out of sheets! Finally we all fell asleep, again. At 6:45a Warren was ready to be up. He got up this morning like nothing had happened! Around 8am we gave him a couple of sips of water. He has kept them down so I gave him a 4 oz bottle of water. So far he has kept that down too and is back asleep. Just where I will be in 4 minutes. So if you are thinking of having children. Just remember, you never get any peace and quite. I have done 5 loads of laundry and have 2 more to go, all just from last night! How do you feel about having kids now?

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Amber G. said...

Ashley, you and the boys truly are a great method of birth control for Joel & me. Thanks, its so much cheaper & funnier than prescription medication!!