Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bath Time

Well, I felt like I needed a break after such a horrible week last week. Everyone seems to be doing fine, so far besides the cold we all have. It never ends!!!Yesterday, I kept kids (Doris and Eric's) so they and Tyler could go to the Homeowners Association Meeting. At almost 8pm I stuck the kids in the bath. First I put Maria and Warren in together. She was fine until Warren started going nuts splashing! That's when I got this face...Classic!

I got Maria out and the older boys came running. Who knew a bath could be so fun! I just had to take pictures.

Benjamin loved putting toys on Warren's head, and Warren didn't seem to mind!

This week is crazy as well, so I am not sure about many updates. Tonight we are going out for Tyler's Birthday tomorrow. Thursday night is an auction for Northside (my MIL's school). Friday I have to make cupcakes for Benjamin's school. And Saturday is his party. My Mom flies in Friday and leaves Sunday- thank goodness for free Southwest tickets! Whew! Then we have checkups on both boys on Monday. As I said, it's always something.

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