Saturday, November 10, 2007

New House Update

It has been a while on updating about our new house because nothing has been happening. We have been waiting since day one to get a gas tank sunk in the side yard (it's for the generator; then we decided to have gas appliances and a heater for the spa). We were going through one company and it was taking FOREVER. Tyler suggested they go through another supplier and we have been moving forward ever since. While we were gone to TN they laid the wood floor and sunk the tank!!! Now this week they have laid the irrigation, planted the plants, and finished up the floor. Next week we will get sod and carpet! It is moving very quickly now and we are looking at closing right before Christmas. Here are some pictures we took right before leaving for TN.
The bathroom in between the boys' bedroomsThe Master BathroomThe Pool- the green water is now gone. Yuck!

The Kitchen- with Grandma Brandes

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The Boyd Family said...

AWESOME!! That is a wonderful Holiday present!