Thursday, November 29, 2007

Your Science Lesson for the Day

Doris gave me a really neat plant a couple of months ago- a Butterfly Weed. (It has been the only thing to grow in this one spot, so I am really impressed. Figures that it is a weed!) She actually gave me many seedlings but not all of them have done that well. It is a weed that grows and attracts butterflies. (I have seen some Monarchs flying around lately!) The caterpillars love to eat this weed and then they make their cocoons on the weed. When they transform, they love the little flowers/nectar.

When we got back on Monday, I noticed that there was a caterpillar on the plant. Tuesday, Doris came to pick up Benjamin for school. I, of course, so proud of my nurturing skills, showed off my one caterpillar. We found a total of 7 that morning! She said there is usually 10+ on the plant when they find it. I went out to take pictures today and I found 12! Here's some pictures...
This is one climbing. They move REALLY fast.
Do you see three caterpillars?