Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh yes, he did!

Don't get me wrong. I love going to look at everyone's wonderful Christmas lights displays. I think in Florida they really go all out! I have never seen this many lights in one place at one time! The 80 degree weather definitely helps! I especially like the very traditional all white light displays- no color, no blinking. This year our Christmas display is pretty pathetic. I bought a four foot fiber optic multicolor (not a usual purchase) tree on clearance at BB&B and that is our Christmas tree. Two reasons: 1) we close on our house Dec 19th. I am trying to pack up, not take out. And 2) I have a climber! I have no doubt that Warren would figure out how to climb my regular 8 foot prelit Christmas tree. My husband on the other hand would LOVE to totally deck our whole house out with whatever he could find. The tackier and gaudier the better! We are totally on the opposite ends of the spectrum on this matter. So yesterday my number one mistake was letting him go to Sears- ALONE! While my girlfriend, Doris, and I were out walking, he set THIS up in our front yard...

I know the video is not good. It was taken on Tyler's cell phone. It stops at 6 seconds, but there is more after that you can move the slide. And in case you can't tell, it plays music (5 different songs to be exact). And the lights flash to the beat of the songs! Not exactly what I would have picked out for my front yard.
Oh well, at least the boys LOVE it and the neighborhood children dance in our front yard.

I just hope the other neighbors don't kill us for having to listen to those 5 songs over and over!

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Anonymous said...

I love the light show. Tell Tyler he did exactly what Bruce would have done.
Merry Christmas
Lisa, Bruce and Elizabeth