Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas!

Well, we have had some wonderful days of Christmas with many family and friends this year. I hope you all have enjoyed the same.

My mom's surgery went very well, and she is healing nicely. Thank you for your very nice comments. Friday was spend totally with her. My dad got in to town LATE Friday night/early Saturday morning. He took over Saturday morning and I went home to my boys. The weekend was nice and relaxing- except for making cookies to give to our neighbors, that was lots of work! Monday, I made Benjamin's cake train. Last year, I made the train with cake and let it sit. It never got decorated, so this year I made a promise to myself that I would get it all the way done. I also ran some errands and my sister came over from Orlando. We opened presents with my side on Monday evening.The boys had lots of fun. Warren still doesn't understand opening presents- but he likes what's inside. He received a TMX Elmo that he loves, a activity table, books, and movies. Benjamin had tons of fun opening presents. He can read his name, so by mid afternoon he was already telling us which ones were his presents. My dad put up Benjamin's Polar Express train again this year and Benjamin had so much fun with it! Benjamin got a TN Vol helmet, mini remote "Cars" cars, Leap Frog Learning to read, and so much more!

Christmas Day we went to Tyler's parents' house and opened presents with them. They are giving us a trip to Colorado Springs this year. The whole family is leaving January 1st and will be gone for a week. We will be staying at The Broadmoor. I am very excited about the trip, but I know nothing about Colorado Springs. It should be interesting! The boys did open up a couple of presents with Russ and Mary. Afterwards, we had our Annual Enix Family Christmas Gathering. It was nice to see family that we only see usually once a year.

Reese, our niece, and Warren. They were sooo happy together!

Grandma Tibbetts had bought this outfit for Emily's dog, Katie. So cute! Warren LOVED Katie!!!

Today we will be going over to my parent's house again to eat our traditional lasagna Christmas dinner. Nothing like spending time with Family! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


mommyto2boys said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! If you need any info on Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, I grew up there! Terry took me to the Broadmoor for my 1st mother's day - you HAVE to visit the spa while you're there!

Tiffany Johnson said...

that last comment was from Tiffany :)

The Brandes Family said...

I would love some info!