Saturday, January 19, 2008

Warren's 18 month Check-up

I know this picture is out of focus- but I just had to put it up. He got into the trash and found a cup of chocolate milk that was left over. It sure was yummy!
Warren had his 18 month appointment Wednesday this past week. It was actually week before last, but with the nasty stomach bug I had to reschedule. Better late than never!
Just to give you and update...
Warren is 27 lbs 7 oz. (75%) and 34 7/8 inches long(97%). He had to get two shots and he didn't even cry! He loved getting to pick out a lollipop just like a big boy. He is so much fun, but into Everything!!! I really have to be on my toes around him! He still loves to climb. He has now figured out how to climb out of the pack n play! Benjamin wouldn't do that now!!! Warren is still waking up at night. Our schedule with the holidays has been so off and with the sickness we've had that I haven't had the heart to re-train him (once AGAIN!). Now we are leaving to go away next week, so what's the point. He is down to taking one nap a day, and Mommy really needs that down time! He says everything in the book, we just can't understand him all that well. He is saying at least 3 word sentences (which is NOT normal for his age). He has 8 teeth that he HATES to have brushed. He doesn't mind it if he is the one brushing! Warren is VERY independent. Benjamin still wants me to feed him to this day(I don't, but it is still a struggle sometimes). Warren already feeds himself, unless Mommy doesn't want to clean up the mess. He loves to help me; he carried a grocery bag all the way to the car the other day. He loves the water (bath or pool), just like his brother. He is ready to get into our swimming pool! He loves talking about animals right now; ducks/birds are the favorite so far. He likes to play with whatever Benjamin has, usually trains. I think he would prefer cars though. He loves to drive and carry them around. He does not want to be carried all the time, and he definitely doesn't want you to hold his hand. He is so much fun. I am just trying to enjoy every minute. I know it goes by so quickly. It is so true- the days are long, but the years go by so fast!

I wrote this before we left, I just never got it published. Oops!

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