Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Back!

I have had this ready to go out for a while, but I wanted to add pictures. They are just going to have to come at a later date. Sorry!

Last week we spent the week at Disney. Whew! I am glad it's over, but we had a great time. We left last Monday and rented an RV to stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground at Walt Disney World. We went with our friends, Eric and Doris and their two kids, Eric and Maria. We had had this planned since last August. Little did we know exactly where this would fall as far as our moving and other trips we had to take. On Monday we just got settled in and Doris made a wonderful dinner of lasagna. Yum. We had a cab-over class C RV, so Benjamin got to sleep above the cab in a "bunk bed." He LOVED it.Warren was in a pack n' play in the kitchen area. Tuesday we went to Epcot. It was so much fun to be at Disney. The kids absolutely loved the Living Seas. It has been totally redone to be all things Nemo and Friends. We also made it to Planet Earth and The Land. For lunch we went to Japan, Tyler's favorite. After lunch we caught the boat over to the regular part of the park and I took Warren and Benjamin back to the camper for a nap. It was a long trip home, 1 1/2 hours- two Monorails (Benjamin's favorite ride), one boat, 1/2 mile walking pushing a double stroller with two kids on it, and one bus. Whew. Wednesday we made it to the Magic Kingdom. Benjamin really liked seeing where Mickey Mouse lives. He even let Mickey take a picture with him. He is not into the character thing so much. Usually we get an all out fit, but he did pretty well this time. He got to ride Goofy's Barnstormer; the jury is still out whether he really liked it or not. I think he did. Tyler brought Warren home for a nap and I stayed with the rest of our group to explore more of the Magic Kingdom. We left and then went back into the park later so the kids got to see the fireworks that night. Benjamin said that was his most favorite thing all week! Thursday we just stayed at the campground and took it easy. Eric and Doris had season passes so they went to MGM (now Hollywood Studios). That night we took in the Hoop-Dee-Do Musical Review. The kids had lots of fun watching people while they ate great fried chicken and ribs. We were soooo messy! Friday morning Warren finally fell off of Benjamin's bed. We had been so careful all week. It finally happened. He did okay though. He is so tough! Then we went back to Magic Kingdom. There was so much that we had missed on Wednesday. Kids only move so fast and with the little lines, you just can't see it all. Saturday we packed up and left.
On Saturday, Eric had his birthday party. We had a great time eating snow cones, cake, and opening presents.
Saturday night we went over to my mom's place here. My grandparents are in for a week. Allison and David came over to see us all. Afterwards, Warren got sick. He threw up all night long. Here we go again with the stomach bug! We just had it two weeks ago! Benjamin started Monday night as I was on my way out the door to go get the babysitter. We are going to be taking Growing Kids God's Way on Monday nights. Tyler stayed home with Benjamin, and I got to go to the class. I hated missing the first one! I called my grandparents after the meeting and they were both sick. I felt so bad for giving it to them!!! Yesterday Benjamin was pretty okay. Today he is back at school. Warren still doesn't feel good. It got him good this time! Just trying to hand in there and get better. Plus we are trying to move sometime! There is nothing like living between two houses.

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Someone in your house in ALWAYS sick!