Saturday, March 22, 2008

Allison's Wedding

Today was Allison's Wedding to David. Originally we were supposed to be on a very pretty beach at the tip of Anna Maria Island. The weather had other plans! After a short trip to our original final destination, we ended up at a very nice location very near the water instead. By then the rain had stopped (wouldn't you know!). It was a nice ceremony done by David's soon to be step-father, Bill. His mom and Bill will be married next weekend! Fortunately, I had stopped and had the forethought to buy the kids some little beach toys on our way. Benjamin and Warren played the whole ceremony. It was great; they were quite! It was a very nice ceremony. Afterwards we all made our way back to my parents house for a wonderful reception. My mom, of course, made great dishes. Here are some pictures of the entire day- Enjoy! My sister has also started a new blog with some other pictures on it, if you are interested.

Warren's just going to drive us all there!
Allison and David during the wedding
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Elizabeth said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day for a wedding. Thank you for putting pictures up. It is great to actually see the newest member of our family! Hope the curtains are working out well in the new house.