Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Today our neighborhood had a Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids, along with a big picnic afterwards. The kids had TONs of fun looking for all the eggs hidden around the park. Benjamin is finally starting to get the finding of Easter Eggs. He had a blast! Afterwards the kids played with water guns and ran themselves ragged. He should sleep well tonight.
Warren was asleep at the beginning of the hunt, but he was able to join us later (Tyler brought him). He was sooo busy running after the other kids that I didn't get any pictures of him! :(

Benjamin has started wanting his picture taken again! I am just trying to snap one at every opportunity!

Things are still in full swing around here. This week, my grandparents came into town. They were already planning a visit and with my sister's wedding next weekend, they decided to come a little bit early. Mom comes in Tuesday, Dad Friday. The wedding is Saturday and Easter is Sunday! Plus, I am VERY excited- I get curtains on Wednesday of this week. I can't wait!!! Whew- never a dull moment around here!
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