Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary!

This is a big weekend for the Tibbetts family! Last night we had a dinner with the whole family- over 20 of us, without kids! We all had a great time viewing Polly's great movie about Grandma and Grandpa and eating yummy food at Bascom's. Today we had an open house to honor the couple of 60 years! There were tons of people there. I had a good time seeing people I had not seen in quite some time. After the crowd left we got all the great-grandchildren together for a photo opportunity! Here are some of the better ones- it is soooo hard to get little ones to sit still and actually look at the pictures...
Benjamin, Reese on Great-Grandma's Lap, Madison (Reese's Sister) with Warren on her lap, Great-Grandpa with our newest edition, Bryce, born February 20th, and Brayden, Bryce's brother- we will have 2 more to join our group by the end of the summer! How exciting!!!

Thought this one was sweet of Reese and Benjamin (with Great-Grandma, of course)

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