Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ben's 2nd Soccer Game

Ben had his second soccer game yesterday. It went MUCH better than practice AND the last game! He didn't need any prompting to get out there and play. This time they had 4 "quarters"- they play for about 6-7 minutes each time, no stopping the clock. By the last quarter, Benjamin came over and said, "Mom, I'm just all done now." It was sooo hot and he was so tired. But he got out there and played a little bit longer. Enjoy the pictures from this weeks game!

The whole team in a meeting before the game.
This is what it usually looks like out there. Playing around and looking at the grass.
Benjamin kicking the ball.
Ben almost made a goal!
Just thought this was neat shot of him throwing the ball in from out of bounds.
At the end of the game, giving high fives.

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allison said...

YAY Ben! He looks SO cute out there! So glad he decided to play this week!