Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Soccer!

Yesterday was Ben's first soccer game. Since practice went so well, Tyler and I never thought we would have a problem with a game! Little did we know that there would be love bugs in the grass on OUR playing field. Ben doesn't like bugs all that much- by the way. Benjamin didn't want to go play because of all the love bugs. Tyler and I both went out onto the field at two separate times. Still didn't work. Finally Tyler's Mom, Mary, came to the game and that was the golden ticket. She had the magic and he actually got into the game after that! He had a great time- once he finally played. He said afterwards, he was sad because he didn't score a goal. Neither one of Tyler and I have talked about making a goal- just kicking it was a great feat!!! Here's some pictures from the day...

Tyler's turn to try to make him stay out on the field.

My turn!

Finally, with grandma on the field, he played!

He got to kick it in!

After the game, all the kids gave high fives to the other team!

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Allison said...

aww...he's so cute in his little uniform...even if he doesn't actually play in it :)