Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tuesday we had to go over to Orlando for a get together for Allison, my sister. We decided since my mom was in, we still had a day left on our 4 day passes, and my mom had one day left on her 21 year old ticket (that didn't expire) that we would go to Disney! The boys had a great time. It was a long, hot day, but it was DISNEY! I love that place!

Warren gave Woody a high five!

Warren wanted to get wet soooo bad. He finally succeeded.

Benjamin in a window.

Ci-Ci bought the kids lollipops. Warren's favorite! He is saying, "Cheese" in this picture.

Ben tried and did get the whole lollipop in his mouth. Thanks, Dad.

The Castle

Warren was so tired. He finally passed out! This is his first time sleeping in a stroller!!! I tried covering him up so the light and noise wouldn't bother him to bad:)

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