Monday, May 12, 2008

I won!!!

Okay, so when it comes to giveaways, I turn into another person! I LOVE to register for giveaways. There is something about wining something free! Last time Bloggy Giveaways held their spring carnival, I registered for about 400 of them (yes, don't laugh). This week, I found out that GoodyBlog was having their Mother's Day giveaways (awesome items, guys!). So, of course, I entered for them. Well, I just found out yesterday that I won something!!! I won a Le Creuset Teakettle, an Ebelskiver Filled Pancake Pan, Electric Yellow Spatulas, and the Essentials of Breakfast & Brunch book. Pretty cool! Thanks GoodyBlog!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!!!