Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photo Rules

I received this email from a person on the Parents Magazine staff. These are all the rules I am now trying to follow when taking pictures. Whew- that gets difficult when a moving target is your subject!

Sharon Elcock has organized hundreds of photo shoots in her role as Sittings Editor at Parents magazine for four years. She shares these basic picture taking tips:

  1. Do: Take photos with a really simple – but pretty background. No one wants to look at dirty dishes in your kitchen sink! Instead, go for natural scenery in front of lush greenery or pretty flowers.
  2. Don't: Please, please no pictures with food on the face. Cute for grandma's refrigerator – not so much for the judges.
  3. Do: Try to capture your child in a care-free, happy moment. Photos that are too staged usually don't show you're child's true energy and personality.
  4. Don't: No extreme close-ups please! It makes it hard to see the whole child.
  5. Do: Be honest with yourself about your child's temperament. Does he truly enjoy taking pictures or does he burst into tears the moment you point the digital at him? If he does not like taking pictures at this time in his development, be patient! Chances are, with time, he may come to like the camera. Enter the contest then and watch him win!
  6. Don't: Lose the hat, the towel draped over the kid's head – what are you hiding under there?
  7. Do: Try taking pictures using interesting, fun angles.

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allison said...

It's nice to have some really specific advice. I really just think you need to do your very best to keep a camera on them for a few days in a row. I know you'll get some great stuff! That's the beauty of digital...not like you're wasting film! :)