Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Last week, I told Allison that we may take the boys to Chuck E. Cheese since we couldn't go to the zoo (when we got rained out). 5 minutes later, David walked in and said for Warren and his birthday, they were going to Chuck E. Cheese. He didn't know about our conversation! David's birthday is the 26th and Warren's is the 27th, so it makes sense that we can celebrate them together. Since Tyler was gone this weekend, I needed a babysitter for a baby shower I was attending. I asked Allison and David if they would want to come over, babysit, and go to Chuck E. Cheese. They agreed to come over yesterday! We had a great time eating pizza, watching the wonderful tv shows (CEC tv), and playing games. Warren was awestruck! He LOVED putting the tickets into the eating machine! We had a really good time. Thanks for coming over guys!

Allison and Warren playing Skeeball

So much fun! Ticket Eater

Allison helping Warren ride the horse. He really liked riding the one that wasn't real (see zoo post)! David is in the background! Sorry we didn't get a good picture of you!

Our best prize was the jelly dinosaur. Here's a picture (both Allison and my favorite) of both Allison and Warren roaring!

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