Thursday, June 12, 2008


This past weekend Tyler and I went to Washington, DC for Tyler's cousin Emily's wedding. We flew up on Thursday to try to see some of the sights before the rest of the family got there. I have been to DC before (almost 20 years ago) and I don't remember anything about the area. It was REALLY hot up there- much different from here! That being said, the best way for us to get around and see the sights was taking a trolley to hear about everything and being able to get off and on at our leisure. Here's some of the places we saw...
Ford's Theater- where Lincoln was shot.

The Capital Building

The Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial

We did take a break and go to Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum. It was sooo cool. The people look so real! I was waiting for someone to start moving when I turned my head. Wasn't there a movie about the mannequins coming to life after the store closed at night? I am sure this happens at the museum!
Tyler with George

Nixon looking real

Saturday we went to the National Zoo. It was really too hot to be out and about. Lots of the animals were taking cover and trying to stay cool too! Poor Panda- very cute though.
The whole reason we went was to celebrate with Emily and Mark at their wedding. It was gorgeous!!! We were treated to the finest of everything. It was a wonderful evening! Congratulations Em and Mark!

At the wedding they had a photo booth complete with props! Tyler and I had lots of fun- as you can tell! :) It was such a neat idea. You took the pictures then they printed out two copies. One was for you and the other went into a book that you wrote on the page! Very neat keepsake!


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