Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Labor has begun

My sister called me this morning and told me she thought her water had broken. I immediately jumped in the shower, threw on some clothes, packed a bag, kissed the boys goodbye and hop in the car for Orlando. When I got here (around 9:30am) she was having contractions about every 10 minutes. Not really hard, but they got her attention. Luckily, she has a doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat so I was keeping track and we were taking some walks around the block. Around lunch time, the baby had a little bit of a decel and I thought it was best if we just came into the hospital to see his heart-rate all the time. We got to the hospital a little bit after 12pm. We got back to triage around 12:35pm. She really felt some gushing then and they put her on the monitor. Camden looks great on the fetal monitoring! She is still close, thick and high at this point. She really starts contracting around 3:30 pm and we pray she is doing a little something more. The first plan was to put her on an antepartum floor and administer cervidil. When she started contracting so good, the plan changed. Tonight she is currently in Labor and Delivery. She is still closed, but softer. She has had her first dose of Stadol and Phenergan and is feeling good in between contractions. Mom and Dad are currently in Brazil on a mission's trip and have since been notified. Nannie will fly down tomorrow to help out! Right now, we just don't know a whole lot. She will be on low dose Pitocin to keep her contractions going all night (hopefully making them somewhat stronger). They are going to try to keep her comfy but still contracting. Hopefully we will have a baby in the morning!!!
Sorry for the random post- I am REALLY sleepy and not myself, but wanted to update everyone!

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for updating Ashley! I am so excited. This is a lot better information that what has come through the family grapevine. Let me tell you. Keep us updated when you can!! YAY!!!!!!!