Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ben's Room

I said I would post pictures of Benjamin's letters when I finally got them hung way back when. Would you believe that I just got them done?!? I got Benjamin's vinyl in the mail yesterday and it spurred me on to finish the whole project. Here's some pics...

And I threw in another one of Ben. He is all about posing with his animals right now. He informed me tonight that the two owls- "one is a girl, and the other is a boy, and they are the marrying ones."
We have taken it easy today with Fay on her way. We didn't even get any rain!!! Can you believe it!? We were all ready for a very bad storm and didn't get anything (yes, we are thankful that we didn't get the brunt). Benjamin was out of school because of the threat of Fay so we were all together. Mom came over from Orlando last night, so she took them for the afternoon. We love having our CiCi around!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the room!!!!

stephanie said...

All of your rooms are looking lovely! And what a great idea to have your boys names on their shirts!! They will have lots of friends because everyone knows their names!

Hope all is well in the wet world of FLA for you guys...hang in there <3