Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pride Park

Warren and I went to Pride Park today. My MOPS group had planned a couple of activities to do together over the summer and this was one of them. We took Ben to school and off we went. I had never been there so, of course, I got lost on the way. Then I got to the park and there was just basketball courts and a baseball field. I had to call a MOPS girlfriend and inquire as to where I was going. It happened to be behind all of that stuff. When I got there, 9:30am the water was supposed to have been turned on for 30 minutes. Yet, there was no water. I got Warren out (all dressed in his suit and ready to go). That was when the lifeguard informed me that the pipe had busted and the glue takes 24 hours to dry they would reopen on Thursday- just my luck. Warren and I walked around and went to play on the playground, chased some squirrels and lizards, and swung on the swings (I think this was his favorite). So here's my only picture I took today- a water park, with no water. Oh well, we WILL go back. It looks like so much fun!!! I think both boys would love it!

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