Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camden Came to Visit!

Yesterday, my parents, sister and Camden came over from Orlando for a visit! I hadn't seen Camden in over a week so I was dying to see him again! The boys LOVED getting to see their Poppie and Ci-Ci too!
These are some of Ben's friends that he sleeps with, Brie (dog-boy) and Onsa (owl-boy). I have NO idea where the owl's name came from and Brie is our babysitter. Go figure!

Camden is still a little bit yellow, so we took him outside for some sunbathing! This is the life!!!
Warren, Poppie, Mommy with Camden, and Ben- he LOVES his baby cousin Camden!

Poppie with all three grandboys.

Ben was so sweet and gentle with Camden. He even made up stories and songs especially for Camden. So sweet- and no, I am NOT ready for another one!

Warren was ready to get up about two seconds after he started holding Camden- of course!
We were sad to see them go back to Orlando this morning, but we will see them all very soon!

Today we have preschool open house. Ben and I will go. Warren started running a temp last night so I will make him stay home. No other signs or symptoms- gotta love childhood things. Ugh!

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