Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have seen many ideas about putting your kid's lunches in muffin tins lately. Today I finally decided to try it! Benjamin is sooo picky; I wasn't sure it would go over, but it worked!!! He actually ate his lunch- even the salmon patty! I think this might become a habit in our house!

Please excuse the well worn muffin tins- they are the best, even though they were handed down when I got married from my mom's stash!
Today I went with a orange and yellow theme (except for Ben's yogurt). He had mac and cheese, yogurt, carrots, salmon croquette (he even had seconds), apple slices, and mandarin oranges.

Warren had cherries, cooked squash, carrots (with ranch dressing), salmon, mac and cheese, and oranges.
The Salmon patty was a recipe from The Sneaky Chef. It was supposed to be made with tuna, but I only had salmon. It had carrot, wheat germ, and white bean puree in it too! Very healthy!

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