Monday, October 6, 2008

MOPS Convention

As you probably know, I left on Thursday of last week (yes, after getting home Tuesday afternoon) to go to Dallas, Texas for the MOPS Convention. I had a WONDERFUL time with all the 5,000 ladies that were there for this convention. The first night we had a general session. I heard Julie Barnhill (she is hilarious) and Elisa Morgan (CEO of MOPS). Did you know there are 4153 individual charter MOPS groups in the US, Canada, and International? Did you know that there are 102, 700+ moms in MOPS? And that 5,000 women came to know Christ over the last year through MOPS? WOW!

Friday we had another general session and Naomi Cramer Overton (President of MOPS) and Patrick Lencioni (he wrote The 3 Big Questions of a Frantic Family). Patrick spoke about the 3 questions: What makes our family unique? What is our family's top priority? and How are you going to use that information? This talk was very insightful about slowing down and focusing in on the important things in life! That afternoon I went to 3 sessions: The MOPS Experience (the MOPS brand attributes and how to apply them to our group), As You Go, Go Deep With Jesus (spiritual disciplines for the busy mom), and Date Night in a Minivan (Learn how to let go and let the hubster help).

Saturday, the last day of the convention, our general session had an appearance from Lynne Spears (yes, Jamie Lynn and Britney's mom) and Erwin McManus spoke about our dreams. God gives us dreams for a reason. He has put that desire in us and He is waiting on us to do something about it. Erwin also talked about fear- that is the only thing that limits our boundaries of freedom. What you fear becomes your master! Afterwards I went to a Coordinator session. I think I got some really good ideas for our MOPS group. Our last general session was Saturday evening. Elisa Morgan spoke again- Man, I could listen to her all day! She is so amazing. She spoke from the scripture, Mark 14:1-11 to be exact. She asked us questions about what if I did what I could? What would happen? It was a very challenging session. Later that night, Shannon, my friend from high school, came up from Houston to stay with me! We had a great time talking and hanging out. Thanks Shannon, for driving all that way!

Yesterday, I flew in from Texas and went straight to our church's small group tailgate and concert! Whew! I am tired today!!! I wonder why? I think it's time to stay put for a little bit.

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