Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween from Gator Land!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
For Halloween, we usually go to our church's Fall Festival on Halloween, but this year we were invited to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie's Open House Halloween Party! They live in an amazing neighborhood that has LOTS of trick or treating. We got their early so we would be all set up. The boys had lots of fun, but got tired very quickly. Here's some picture of our night.

Benjamin with his Peter Pan pose.
Warren trying to steal Uncle Jeff's candy.

This was the line for candy and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie's housePassing out candy- getting ready to go

Trick or Treat!

My mother in law, Warren, and our niece, Reese

Reese and her daddy, Kenny

On of the busiest streets

Trick or treat, Madi, Luke, and Ben

Benjamin was ready to move to the next house. Our niece Madi (Reese's sister) and Luke (a friend)

There were even news teams to cover the chaos!

Another line for candy

Warren enjoying his spoils- Lollipop, his favorite!

Grandma with some yummy cotton candy. Yes, they were making it to pass out for candy.

The boys with Ed- or "Egg" as Warren calls him

Baby Lottie with her grandparents, Natalie's parents.

Thanks Jeff and Natalie for a wonderful party and for having us over! It was lots of fun!

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