Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our elves came to visit!

I know I am a little late on this, but our elves came to visit tonight! I am not so sure how to handle them, since we don't do the Santa bringing gifts and such- but we're trying them out. My mother in law gave us "Elf on the Shelf" and I WON (yes, won) Elf Magic through a contest at PlusSizedMommy. They talk about Jesus being the real meaning of Christmas by sharing kindness and goodness. That's a welcome change! These elves just come to stay with you during Christmas to have fun! Ben has already nicknamed his elf "Mr. Bow;" originally he came with Petersen. Warren is sticking with Fraser- the name he came with. The boys are still carrying around their elves tonight. They are so cute!

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Stephanie said...

We don't do Santa either, but someone gave us Elf on the Shelf as a gift before Christmas last year. Adam just hides him each night after Samuel goes to bed and Samuel has fun looking for him in the morning. They play it more as a fun game and we just don't talk about how the elf went to see Santa last night and tell him if you were good, etc. It works for us!