Friday, January 2, 2009

Bird Rescue

For those that don't know, we live on a lake. We have TONS of ducks and birds that are out there, and even a blue heron. Recently, we have noticed that the blue heron had a lure in his leg. So Tyler called our local group called Wildlife Incorporated. They are a group that helps injured animals. A very nice lady came out that day and helped us trap the heron in our pool cage and cut the lure and line off. It turns out that the lure did have a hook, but that's not what was in his leg, as we expected. He was just wrapped up in the line. He was already limping. If it had stayed on his leg it would have either cut off his circulation and made the leg fall off or he would have died. The WI lady said he probably would have died. The heron was not happy about the whole operation, but we did save his life and he is already back around our lake and not limping!

My pictures are through the glass window. I didn't want to go out and scare the poor bird any more than he had to be.

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