Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in FL

For Christmas in FL, we decided to stay at home the morning of Christmas Day. Tyler really wanted to be alone with our own family and then we would socialize the rest of the day. We didn't get the kids too much because they have so much already. I did get them some stocking stuffers and calendars for their walls in their rooms. Warren had his opened before Tyler and I could get out of bed. He is lightening quick! Benjamin was so excited Christmas morning. He kept saying that Santa had been there to put up his Thomas Christmas train around the tree and his block manger scene on the dining room table. It is truly something to see the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes. Of course, we reminded him (later) that Santa was just pretend; he promptly responded with, "I know, Mom." My mom and dad came over for breakfast and to see the kids a little bit. They brought Helmet Heroes for the boys. Warren raced back and forth for HOURS! The kids took their naps and then we went to my in-laws for our annual family Christmas party. It was so good to see all our family and friends that we usually only see once a year! Santa made his annual appearance and Ben did a great job sitting on his lap. We also opened our gifts with Russ and Mary, Polly and Kenny, and Jeff and Natalie while we were there. The kids really got too much! Thank you all for ALL the great gifts!
This is how Warren opens presents. He just climbs in to!
Warren running.
Boys with Helmet Heroes on
Ben with his Helmet- Policeman.
Our niece Madi with Santa
Warren thinks that Santa brings you Candy Canes. His favorite treat this time of year.
Ben with Santa
Warren with Santa
Benjamin posing with all of his and Warren's goodies!
Kissing his favorite present. We have Legos EVERYWHERE!!!

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