Monday, January 5, 2009

St Augustine

While in St Augustine, we took a train ride around the city. It was great to hear little bits of history and keep the kids moving! We also ate at the Columbia Restaurant and then took Madi, Ben, and Warren to get a little treat- Gators. Ben picked out chocolate gators for Warren and him and Madi got a gummy gator. We stayed at the World Golf Village and loved getting a wonderful massage. Delightful! We headed back late last night (after the party) and have been hitting the pavement again today. Ben starts school tomorrow- back to the real life.

Our niece, Reese, eating a snack.
A beautiful church

More of another beautiful church
Flagler College. It used to be a hotel!

The fort
City Gates
Beautiful tree lined streets
Of course, you have to go to the Fountain of Youth (Tyler and I have been to St Augustine at least three times now and we've NEVER been! We just drove through for a pit stop).
Madi and her gator
All the kids with treats
Yummy! Warren liked his so much that he dropped a bite on the ground and picked it up and ate it before we could get it from him. So typical for Warren.


Tara said...

On my list of places to visit while we live here in FL. Look BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! ♥

Mommy Melee said...

What a great post! I can't wait to take the boys when they're a little older.