Monday, May 4, 2009

What We've Been Up To Lately...

We have had some wonderful weather in Florida lately and we have been trying to take advantage of it! Here's some of the things we have been up to lately.

The boys LOVE to dress up: Peter Pan, Captain Hook, cowboys, police man, or race car driver. But Warren just LOVES Buzz Lightyear. He would always pretend that he was Buzz, but never had anything to dress with. Today, Tyler got him a little Buzz Lightyear costume. Can you tell he absolutely, positively loves it! In this picture he is saying, "To Infinity and Beyond." He really hasn't wanted to take it off all afternoon, but we did pry it away to go in the pool- a common place for us to be each day.
Tonight the kids got chocolate ice cream cones for dessert. They went out to fly a kite (the only one we HAD, yes, had, left). When they came back in to get their suits on, I had to stop and look at their faces.
Ben is all nice and clean, well, pretty well.
And Warren...
This is so Warren. He is messy and dirty and only has one speed- FAST. I love these boys!

The last weekend in April we went Tennessee to see my family. On Saturday, Tyler and I drove up to Kentucky attend a girlfriend from high school and college's wedding, Lizzie. It was a beautiful wedding and a great reception. Thanks for letting us be a part of your wonderful day!

On Friday night Tyler and I took the boys to play putt-putt golf. It was Ben's second time and Warren's first time. Warren was not that interested in actually hitting the ball; he just wanted to look around and go on ahead. It was really a cute little course. They had gators to feed, big waterfalls, ups and downs, and caves! It helped keep the kids entertained.

Feeding the gators! I'm pretty sure it was dog treats.

Tyler, on one of his trips to Wally World, picked up the kids $1 kites! Warren got Buzz Lightyear, and Ben got Spiderman. They had so much fun flying them in the empty lots next to our house! We definitely got our money out of them, as they have both bit the dust now.
Can you find Buzz?


The Pifer's said...

Love your blog!!!! Your family is adorable!

Beth Ann said...

Warren's eyes are beautiful in the chocolate ice cream picture. And not all guys can pull off a gotee. I think Warren could totally wear one some day. haha