Sunday, June 14, 2009

TipJunkie's Birthday Bash

So who doesn't love wonderful giveaways! I know I do! And to celebrate wonderful, Laurie, over at TipJunkie website's 2 year birthday and new website, we are participating in her 50 giveaways this week!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for Sweet Baby Cake Designs' submission (hint: the day after Wednesday and before Friday).


Kelli said...

Hi Ashley,

Yes, that's where we go. We were there yesterday too. Didn't publish your comment for obvious reasons, but that's funny you noticed the wallpaper. We see Dr. "J" and she's fantastic! We click very well and she's so patient since I bring in three at a time.

Mrs.Burd said...

hi Ashley! glad you found my blog!! I need to update! your blog is super cute!!