Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve my sister and her family came over from Orlando to visit us and have brunch! We had a great time visiting even if it was short. I love getting to see Camden.

All three grandboys (shirts are from Jonah Bonah)

Camden opening his first Christmas present, with Mommy's help.

He loved it, actually didn't want to share with Warren.


And can I say, I LOVE HIS RED HAIR. Allison said that Camden wasn't even born yet, and I could see the red hair when I looked up and said- "I hate you." I don't really; I've just ALWAYS wanted a red-headed baby. I love you, Alli.

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God is Love said...

you have such a wonderful blog; i like all your settings and i was a new here...hope you have a great time with your family.