Thursday, May 27, 2010

{Day 4} but really Day 3

I missed yesterday for the challenge. I didn't mean to, but I was trying to get a picture with Benjamin for my third day. Well, yesterday was just not Ben's day. It was a little rough; and therefore, we didn't get a picture at all.

Today, I made our nanny be sure to get a picture. We tried to get all three boys to join in, but they weren't having it--- at all! So Carson joined me for a little quality time. For the last two days, he has been trying to find his thumb. He REALLY wants to find it, but the majority of the time he keeps it tucked under. Benjamin was a thumb-sucker (still is) and Warren was a paci baby. I would much rather have a thumb-sucking baby! It was really easy to take Warren's paci away (when we FINALLY decided to take it), but it was really nice having Ben able to put his own thumb in his mouth at night.

And this is what I made for dessert tonight with lots of leftover berries from a party today. YUM!!!

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TOfam5 said...

that dessert looks great! See if I would have come to the party when I thought it was (at night) then I could have had some of that dessert!:)