Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Dudes and Divas

Okay, let me just say it... I love Little Dudes and Divas. They are a wonderful online shop! I am actually not sure how I exactly stubbled upon their shop, but I did. So, why do I love Little Dudes and Divas? Well, I love their selection. Maya works so hard at keeping up with what every mom needs- not to mention keeping up with the forums, facebook, AND all the wonderful contests they have! Little Dudes and Divas have so many Angel Dear products it will make your head spin- and you know how much we love Angel Dear in our house (Warren STILL sleeps with his "mi-mi's"). I also love their sale page; their are TONS of items all for a great price! Plus, usually with your order of a certain price, you can get great free gifts!

So here's what I have purchased from Little Dudes and Divas...

First up are the Angel Dear Products.
Here we have the Angel Dear Little Friends. They are precious and the perfect size for tying on a great baby shower present. They are also a great size for little hands to hold onto them; and they are SUPER soft! And did I mention they are $1.33!!!

Next we have the Angel Dear Rattles. How cute are these!?! AND they are only $1.33, too!

Little Dudes and Divas also carry the Angel Dear Mini Blankets. These are perfect loveys- small (14x14), super soft, and wonderful knobbies to hold on to or suck on. I especially like them monogrammed!

And this is one that has been very well loved for a couple of years. Totally machine washable and dryer safe. Very well made!

I recently found these wonderful gift sets at Little Dudes and Divas too! And they were on sale!

They include a little friend, mini blanket, embroidery onesie, and a burp cloth. 

Can you see the turtle on this one? Precious! And you also get to choose what size onesie you want! Bonus!

Another product Little Dudes and Divas carry is the Ah Goo Baby Plush Pads. I found this one on sale and it looked awesome. I have to tell you. It does feel awesome. The white strip in the middle is so soft and cozy. And the pad is super thick and comfortable too! I was, however, disappointed with how big this product was. It is not something that I would necessarily put in my diaper bag (it would take up too much room) and it doesn't have an area to put wipes and diapers in (so it couldn't be an all-in-one diaper bag). It does feel awesome and you can machine wash the cover, I just have to figure out when the best time to use it  for us!

All rolled up with a Little Friend, just so you can see how big it is.

Here's what it looks like right when you unroll it. Can you see the snaps that hold it together? That's a nice feature when you unroll and roll it back up. No flaps hanging out!

Fully unrolled and ready to go. Super soft and comfy changing/playing area.

See? You can remove the pad and machine wash the cover.

And last, but definitely not least! The Belly Bandit, a band that goes around your tummy to help things go back into place after having a baby, plus it feels really great! I read a LOT of blogs (thank you, Google Reader) and I had heard of tummy compression after giving birth. I did a little research on it and I heard lots of good things about the Belly Bandit. After visiting their site, I decided that the best option for me was the Bamboo Belly Bandit, due to it being softer material. I started out with an Extra Large size and ended up buying a Large after a couple of weeks. It was so worth it! I had a c-section with Carson and I was still able to put the belly bandit on. I did have to modify how I wore it due to the c-section, but it still worked great! Now, I did not wear it constantly for 6 weeks; I did take it off at night. But during the day, I couldn't live without it! It helped hold my belly in, give me tummy support, held my hips in, and gave my back support too! I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

Here are some pictures of me wearing it over my clothes. When I wore it right after Carson's birth, I put it under my clothes.

Front view, You can slide the band around so you don't have the velcro in the front (after you get it on).

Side view. It does take some practice putting it on and getting it tight enough!

Velcro on the inside. They give you lots of room to work with as your belly shrinks from having the baby.

Thank you Little Dudes and Divas for offering great products and wonderful customer service!

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