Sunday, November 21, 2010

8 months

Eight months!
Carson is eight months old! And I have failed to do a couple of these monthly posts. Oops.

Well, at eight months, Carson is a wonderful baby just extremely busy!

  • He is able to crawl proficiently, he learned that at six months. He can also go up our stairs (he did that right before turning eight months old). We do have the down stairs gated off!

  • Carson takes three to four eight oz bottles a day and generally eats twice a day- breakfast and dinner. He loves puffs! He doesn't have a favorite food, but does prefer the fruits. He hates green veggies as of right now, but we are working on those.

  • We have had a couple of nights where he doesn't want to go to sleep, but we are working on those rare instances too. Rocking usually works.

  • Usually, carson sleeps until 9 am. It's wonderful, enough time to get brothers fed, dressed and to school before he starts his day.

  • His favorite toy is Sophie or any new ones he comes across. He is starting to get bored with the toys we do have right now. Christmas is coming!

  • Mommy is starting to teach him sign language. We are starting with eat, and sometimes bottle. I did this with Ben and loved it! I am loving Baby Signing Time videos (thank you, BabySteals!)

  • He has three teeth- two lower and one top front. The other front tooth will make his appearance shortly!

  • He still sucks his thumb but generally only when going to sleep.

  • He can say Hi and lots of different other sounds. He loves to raspberry- like all the time now! He's so much fun!

  • I just got my Beaba Babycook and am so excited to see what concoctions I can come up with!

  • I know it's out of focus, but this face- I could just eat it up! So typical, Carson!

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