Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Baby Is One Year Old

At a year, Carson:

  • is trying to hard to walk. Up until now, he hasn't really wanted to walk; he would just take one or two steps and fall down. Something has changed in the last week and he now is determined to get this walking thing down.

  • is still sick. When we came back from Florida last week, he got another cold. He's had two antibiotics in the last month so it shouldn't progress into anything else--- hopefully.

  • talks on inanimate objects like they are the phone.

  • "reads" books to himself- actually he likes to read more than he likes Mommy to read to him!

  • still has 7 teeth. Not really sure where that last bottom tooth is (should have come in before the top one did).

  • loves playing rough. He can head butt with the best of them.

  • talks all the time. He has a different lower voice for 'talking on the phone' and a different higher voice for reading books.

  • eats just about anything. He definitely has days where he wants to feed himself, and then the next he wants more baby food style- Mommy feed me.

  • favorite foods are yogurt melts, cereal bars, bananas, and baby yogurt. 

  • loves to drink ice water out of the sippy cup. Formula/milk in the sippy- eh, not so much.

  • is sleeping through the night again. YAY!

  • takes two naps on average. Maybe three somedays.

  • loves to be outside.

  • sticks everything, and I do mean everything in his mouth. He has gotten used to me saying, 'Carson, what'cha eating?' and sticking out my tongue. He then sticks out his tongue to show you! I have learned that if his mouth is not open or he's not talking- then something is in his mouth.

  • is such a ham. He loves to laugh and be laughed at.

  • His new sign is "baby."